We believe in serving a complete breakfast that varies from day to day. That means that we can’t give you a menu ahead of time because it depends on what is available, in season and what needs to be used. We try to use fresh products including a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables we receive from our organic farmer one a week. So expect that the menu will be different almost every day. Also expect that breakfast will be freshly made for you. And if something is missing, just ask us!

  • Cereal – A selection of cereals are available
  • Condiments – Marmalade, home-made jam, butter, cream cheese and hazelnut spread
  • Coffee – a pot of strong hot coffee is available. Decaffeinated coffee also available
  • Tea – at least three different teas are available including herbal or chai
  • Bagels, bread and more
  • Yogurt
  • Orange juice
  • Syrups (when needed) are genuine maple or home made fruit syrups
  • Fresh fruit – a basket of fruit is on the table
  • Espresso & Cappuccino are available at a small extra cost and such a treat!

Here is a sample list of some of the home made breakfasts that we have served:

  • Bagels with home-made Gravlax and cream cheese (strawberries for vegetarians)
  • Banana-nut pancakes with Vanilla Fromage Fraiche
  • Breakfast parfait (with fresh fruit and yogurt)
  • Butter pecan French toast
  • Cheese Blintzes
  • Chocolate-banana French toast
  • Crepes Foster
  • Gingerbread Man in the Basket (Hen in the basket, Gingerbread Manor style)
  • Lime pancakes with Coconut-Lime syrup
  • Omelet with asparagus, tomato and cheese
  • Quiche with local organic vegetables
  • Strata (vegetarian option available)
  • White-chocolate Orange French toast

Please note that gluten-free breakfast and vegan breakfast are available with at least two-days notice, please email us ahead of time. (*Pre-prepared or commercial foods may be used.)

  • It is like having Sunday breakfast every morning.–Dominique K

  • Our breakfast each morning was fantastic – it was totally different every day…–Gail & Marty

* May change at any time without prior notice