Walker’s Paradise in Montreal

Sometimes people ask us, so, can we walk some place from here. Well, we live in a walker’s paradise with a walkscore of 98. Daily errands don’t require a car. For public transport, we have a score of 100. And for biking a score of 94.

So, what does that mean? That means that you get to leave the world behind and use your own two feet to get to most places (walk or bike) and public transport is easily ...

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Full Breakfast

Every morning we serve a full breakfast. The menu is different every morning and often alternates between sweet and savoury, but always chef’s choice. Today we served lemon & poppy seed pancakes with raspberry syrup and yesterday was a quiche made from the vegetables from the farm (we get a box of organic vegetables each week from a farmer.) For those guests who were gluten-free, we served a quiche made with a crust from potatoes.  A few days ago we ...

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Homemade Jams

One of the lovely parts of visiting a professional bed and breakfast is the homemade products. We are well known for our breakfasts but not everyone realizes that most of our jams are homemade. Of course, being homemade jams, they change from time to time. Today on the table we have Clementine-Vanilla Marmalade, Blueberry-Violet jam, Quince-Raspberry, Sour Cherry with Amaretto and Peach with Earl-Grey tea. Yes, they are made right here.

Bed and Breakfast… with real homemade jams!

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Polishing the B&B with Updates

From time to time we need to make changes to the B&B and sometimes we just need to paint and polish some of the aspects of the inn. And I’m sure that some of you are wondering what changes we have made to the Bed and Breakfast.

Carleton had the balcony updated with a brand new resin floor. The size and the railings are the same as before, but it’s nice to have a beautiful clean floor that never needs to ...

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A Penny Lost…

Canada has minted it’s last penny. The CBC even wrote an obituary for the penny. Why do I mention this? Because as visitors, you might not realize why you aren’t getting pennies in your change. As of today, while some stores will still have pennies, the number of pennies will begin to dwindle. Stores and customers can simply round to the nearest nickel (or dime) if you are paying in cash. If you pay with credit or debit, charges ...

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Winter Macaron

As some people know, we bake our very own homemade macaron. Macaron are a confectionary that is made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. They are often considered on of the most difficult of confectionaries to make, considering how tempermental they can be and the over 30 steps involved, just in making the shells.

Bonnehomme Macaron

Just to have some fun, we made macaron snowmen and the filling is a eggnog ...

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Our Blog… Our Voice

Over the last few months we have been working in the background here at Gingerbread Manor to set up our new website and of course, this new blog as well. And as you can now see, this is it. We will still post on our Facebook page about things to see, do and read about Montreal. But this will let us talk about changes we have made to the B&B and even about our breakfasts.

So welcome to our new blog!

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