Downtown Montreal

Well, sometimes we forget to mention the business and shopping district of Montreal and I guess maybe we should mention it more.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to stroll down Montreal’s Ste. Catherine street and as you can see the colours were vibrant and the city was lively…. not bad for a Monday afternoon.

Of course Montrealers sometimes forget that there is a lot of foot traffic above, because we are so used to walking along the tunnels under the city, the ...

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Cartier is available

CartierYes, Cartier is available. A new room with a private ensuite bathroom (ensuite). The room features a period chandelier along with a giant wooden 4 post bed (queen size), a small closet, a desk, a chair and a wing chair. Cartier is one floor up on the middle floor of the B&B.

Cartier also has the first of the new electronic locks in the house. Programmed with a personal code for each guest, ...

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Cartier is Coming…

We are working on a new room and it’s coming soon, but it also means other changes are about to happen. Cartier is a new room on the middle floor (1 floor up) that have a private bathroom (shower). It’s so new we haven’t even been able to get the pictures taken yet. It will have a Queen sized bed.

At the same time that means that Wolfe&Montcalm and Champlain will soon become a suite, two rooms sold together for the ...

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Nuit Blanche and High Lights Festival

Nuit Blanche is coming. The annual “white night” festival keeps people up all the way to dawn, but of course so do the sponsors stay open. This is part of the Montreal High Lights Festival. They even let the Penguins from the Biodome out for a walk! (Cancelled if the weather is bad for the penguins!)

The High Lights Festival also includes a food festival and runs for the 20th of February until the 2nd of March.


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Homemade Macarons

Pronounced: mah-kah-rowhn (aspirated n)

Considered a confection, they are often thought of at the most difficult of pastries to make. Ours are homemade and come in many different flavours. We often have 12 different flavours in stock, but the flavours change from time to time. We also sometimes stock mini-macarcon (mini-macs) for breakfast. Some of the flavours that we have on hand at the moment include chocolate with earl grey tea, white chocolate with wasabi, meyer lemon and of course blueberry ...

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