There are three options for parking.

  • Garage – We have only two (unheated) garage spaces that are available on a first-come first-served basis. They are $12.95 (plus tax) but just $10 (plus tax) if you booked directly via our website and request during your room reservation request. Be aware that garage reservations are guaranteed reservations and non-refundable. The garage is located around the back of the house and does not have direct access to the house. The garage fits most cars. The longest vehicle we have parked (Honda Pilot) is 4.75 m long (15.5 feet) and was a very tight fit. The garage is actually the old carriage house to the manor, a century ago, horses were kept here!
  • Street parking – Free; but cannot be reserved or guaranteed. Street parking is subject to all local city parking regulations and is entirely at your own risk. We assume no responsibility whatsoever. Availability of street parking is not guaranteed and may be located several blocks away from the manor.
  • Public Paid Parking Garage – A number of paid public garages are in the area. They include the parking garage at the CEGEP du Vieux Montreal and the parking at the National Library. These are all located several blocks away from the manor. Prices vary, inquire at the garages.

The days of the week in French are: Dimanche (Sunday), Lundi (Monday), Mardi (Tuesday), Mercredi (Wednesday), Jeudi (Thursday), Vendredi (Friday) and Samedi (Saturday). Times on signs are listed in military time, so 15H is 3 PM. Zones marked as “Reservé” require a special permit. Debarcadère means loading zone.