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Downtown Montreal Delights

Vibrant Ste. Catherine Street

Exploring Shops, Tunnels, and Hidden Gems

Well, sometimes we forget to mention the business and shopping district of Montreal and I guess maybe we should mention it more.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to stroll down Montreal’s Ste. Catherine street and as you can see the colours were vibrant and the city was lively…. not bad for a Monday afternoon.

Of course Montrealers sometimes forget that there is a lot of foot traffic above, because we are so used to walking along the tunnels under the city, the underground city as it is often called. Simons is located in what many old time Montrealers would refer to as the Simpson’s building, now called Carrefour Industrielle Alliance. Connected by tunnels to Les Cours Mont-Royal to the west and Place Montreal-Trust to the east. From there the next connection is to Centre Eaton (The Montreal Eaton Centre) and the McGill metro. Of course you can continue to walk east to Boutiques de la Cathedrale, built under Christ Church Cathedral and finally to “The Bay” (The Hudson’s Bay Company.) From the Eaton Centre you can also walk south to Place Ville Marie, the Central train station (Gare Centrale) and then Place Bonaventure.

Downtown Montreal
Downtown Montreal - Ste. Catherine Street