Hotels in Montreal Near the Bell Centre

What Is The Bell Centre?

The Bell Centre is a sports and entertainment complex in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and is home to the National Hockey League’s Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team. The center has been listed as one of the world’s busiest arenas.

Where Is The Bell Centre Located?

The Bell Centre is located in downtown Montreal, near the corner of Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal and Rue de la Montagne. The street address is 1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal, Montreal. The Centre is easily accessible by public transportation and is located close to a vast array of bars and restaurants.

Stay at the Gingerbread Manor Bed and Breakfast

Why look for hotels in Montreal near Bell Center when you can stay at a historic bed and breakfast? The Gingerbread Manor is the perfect choice and is only a half hour walk away or a 15 min metro (subway) ride awy.

Have A Great Visit In Montreal. Stay at the Gingerfbread Manor bed and breakfast. The owners prepare you a breakfast that will be hearty and delicious. You won’t eat anything twice. Go for evening walks and and visit friendly resto/bars on Prince Arthur street. The location, can not be beat. You won’t need a car for your entire stay. You can even ride the Greyhound bus from Burlington, VT to the downtown Montreal station. It’s only a 2-3 block walk from the Gingerbread manor. Local shopping is fantastic. With the location, you have access to St. Denis which has a lot of cute boutiques and all along St. Laurent and Mt. Royal. You are still very close to Old Montreal (15-20 minute walk) and downtown shops.

Travel Time

Typical travel time to the Bell Centre by car from the Gingerbread Manor is about 10 minutes (long with traffic, of course) and then you will to park the car in an expensive garage or parking lot. Instead, you could walk for Gingerbread manor in about 30 minutes but even better, we are right on the same metro line. A total of five stops on the metro… just 15 minutes (20 with walking) and no worrying about parking.