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Gingerbread Manor: Stylish B&B Updates Await!

2 May 2013
Gingerbread Manor

From time to time we need to make changes to the B&B and sometimes we just need to paint and polish some of the aspects of the inn. And I’m sure that some of you are wondering what changes we have made to the Bed and Breakfast.

Carleton had the balcony updated with a brand new resin floor. The size and the railings are the same as before, but it’s nice to have a beautiful clean floor that never needs to be painted.

In Frontenac we replaced the daybed with a double bedded futon (5-star spring mattress), so that the room can accommodate a family of 4, now.

The bathroom on this floor also had the fan changed for a new fan that is a lot quieter.

On the top floor, Wolfe&Montcalm, Champlain and deMaisonneuve all had central air-conditioning installed to replace the window air conditioners. So the windows can be safely opened, even in the summer (though why would you, with the lovely fresh and cool air from the air conditioner.)

Earlier this year the furniture in Champlain was also replaced with newer furniture and the futon replaced with a bed that can be used as a single or opened to an (almost) king-sized bed. We replaced the table by the window with a nice new desk.

Downstairs in the dining room we added a new ice maker and a small refrigerator for guest usage. The ice maker can make a bucket of ice in about a half hour.

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