Bed and Breakfast in Montreal – Gingerbread Manor

Where is the Best Plate to Stay in Montreal?

Gingerbread Manor is the best place to stay in Montreal. Great location, central to everything and far more charming than the more sterile, modern hotel. At the Gingerbread Manor you can enjoy being in an actual Montreal neighborhood instead of a tourist area, yet you’re right in the middle of the city. The structure is quite attractive, with lots of neat architectural details. Breakfast is wonderful and varied. The hosts are friendly and enjoy chatting with and sharing their knowledge of the local surroundings and attractions.

Montreal Skyline

Why Do People Come to the Gingerbread Manor?

Different people come for different reasons, but I would say that the main draws are the location, we are sort of in an ideal location, walking distance to Old Montreal, walking distance to the downtown core, but in a quieter (and real) residential neighborhood. A little research will show you that this is considered one of the best neighborhoods in all of North America to live in. But the house is really special as well. We have a lot of period Victorian details, but with some modern touches. The bathrooms are completely new.

The Hosts

The owners and hosts of the Gingerbread Manor take great pride in their B&B and will always give their guests 100%. They are friendly and have a great sense of humor. Not only will they accommodate all of your requests for specialty breakfast and sleeping arrangements, but they will function as guides to their fascinating city and surroundings. If you want local flavor, they will discuss the city’s politics, culture, and history n-depth, and feed you little tidbits of touring advice along the way. They truly will make your trip to Montreal a memorable experience. You will definitely stay with them again on your next trip to the area.

Gingerbread Manor Exterior