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Full Montreal Breakfast

25 July 2013
Gingerbread Manor

Every morning we serve a full Montreal breakfast. The menu is different every morning and often alternates between sweet and savoury, but always chef’s choice. Today we served lemon & poppy seed pancakes with raspberry syrup and yesterday was a quiche made from the vegetables from the farm (we get a box of organic vegetables each week from a farmer.) For those guests who were gluten-free, we served a quiche made with a crust from potatoes.  A few days ago we served our breakfast sandwich with home made bacon marmalade (bacon, onions, maple syrup and more!) and for our vegetarian guests with avocado instead. You never know what is going to be served at breakfast, in fact you have to stay over two weeks before you might see the same dish, though it’s doubtful.

As always, bread, bagel, cereals, home made jams were always available as well as our “small” selection of teas and tisanes (herbal teas) and a starter cup of fruit and/or yoghurt. And of course fresh water and orange juice and a basket of fruits. Freshly brewed strong coffee also awaits… can you smell it now?

Many of our guests understand the value of having a full breakfast. A good breakfast in a restaurant in Montreal would likely cost $20 per person. And certainly they wouldn’t having any home made jams! And of course, it’s so nice not having to go out for breakfast in the morning, knowing that something fresh, home made and different is going to be on the table for you at breakfast at either our 8AM or 9AM seating.  But of course only a select few are lucky enough to stay with us each year and get to enjoy.

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