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Homemade Macarons

15 July 2013
Gingerbread Manor

Pronounced: mah-kah-rowhn (aspirated n)

Considered a confection, they are often thought of at the most difficult of pastries to make. Ours are homemade and come in many different flavours. We often have 12 different flavours in stock, but the flavours change from time to time. We also sometimes stock mini-macarcon (mini-macs) for breakfast. Some of the flavours that we have on hand at the moment include chocolate with earl grey tea, white chocolate with wasabi, meyer lemon and of course blueberry and lavender. The flavours change from time to time, of course. Our macaron are always gluten-free, they are made with nut flour and egg whites, though generally almond, other nuts may be present.

Homemade macarons

Guests can order them delivered to their room, $9 for an assortment of 6 or $18 for an assortment of 12. We also can package them to take as gifts or for pick-up by locals.

PS: A macaroon (with two oos is generally made from coconut and is called a “rocher” in French).

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